Welcome on the site for U.S. sales and exports to Germany

Welcome on the site for U.S. sales and exports to Germany - GERMAN BUSINESS

Exporting goods and services made in U.S.A. to Germany has always been a great commercial opportunity for many U.S. businesses.

However, it is not always known the german business culture, the methods and tools needed to obtain the desired results.

Since 1995, we specialize in the internationalization of companies (from small to midsize), by locating new clients and commercial partners both in Germany and Austria.

As the resident area manager in Germany, we can develop course of actions that will help your U.S. business to successfully take off in the german market.

 We can give you concrete answers to questions such as:

- What is the potential for my U.S. products or services within the German's market? 

- How will you be able to make my company products or services known in Germany? 

- How do I find and manage German's clients, agents and representatives?

- How will you promote my business and assist me during the negotiations?

- How do I boost my existing sales agent or representatives in Germany?

 Contact us for an answer and an offer. I will be happy to help you.

 Gerne stehen wir zu Ihrer Verfügung. Mit freundlichen Grüssen 


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